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Pippin - 2021 Fellowship - 75cl

Pippin - 2021 Fellowship - 75cl

€ 20,00

Beschikbaar - Voorraad: 1

Only available if you bought a Fellowship 2020, 2021 or 2022 membership.

Fellowship beer n° 2 ... please meet Pippin. Cuvee Sofie aged on French Calvados barrel and Portugese Carcavelos barrel. Lot's of apple from the Calvados barrel and sweet late harvest grape flavours from the Carcavelos barrel. Pippin is not only the fearless Hobbit who likes the comfort of the Shire, it also happen to be a distinctive green apple with a tangy flesh and sweet, rich flavor that improves with age. Now that's exactly what I believe this beer will do as well, improve with age.

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