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Dear Alvinne Fellow,   

We are delighted to inform you about the launch of a unique and extraordinary concept. The purpose is to give our core fans the priority to get hands on our limited beers (max 400 l). Regarding the current situation, some of these beers sell out in only a few hours, with most people not even having the opportunity to get their hands on any bottles.    

As you possibly know, only a few hundred bottles of these very exclusive beers are produced. Some examples of why our production is so limited:        
⁃                Some of the ingredients are very rare (e.g. Schaarbeekse Krieken, ...) 
⁃                The production method can be very labor-intense (e.g. foraging fruit and blossoms, ...) 
⁃                The batch can be a sample/prototype  
⁃                The used barrel might be difficult to obtain   
⁃                …             

A simple and clear concept:   

Fellowship 2021:

You pay the amount of €120  once (excluding transport costs). In May 2022, you will receive 4,5 liters  of our special exclusive beers. This will be 6 x 75cl bottles. The beers are a surprise, although we give some hints on what to expect. The ‘’fellowship’’ beer is in the first place exclusively for Fellowship members. Anyone can become a Fellowship member.

We are very greatfull for the extra support you are given us by becoming a fellowship member, it's very much needed.

Fellowship members (2020 and/or 2021) will also be able to purchase single Fellowship bottles of the 2020 remains. 

Anyone can buy some of the Alvinne beers in the webshop as well.

Info on collect and shipping can be found at "shippingcost"   

Don’t wait any longer to sign up if you are interested in our project since the membership is very limited!

Don’t hesitate to contact us at glenn@alvinne.be if you have any more questions!    

21% Tax Included for all prices - Terms and conditions
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