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Fellowship member 2022

For the fifth year in a row we will launch the Fellowship series. The purpose of this project is to give our fans the opportunity to get their hands on limited editions beers (max 400L production). You will recieve a selection of 6 unique and exclusive beers in 75cl. 

Some examples of why our production is so limited:
Some of the ingredients are very rare (e.g. Schaarbeekse Krieken, ...) 
- The production method can be very labor-intense (e.g. foraging fruit and blossoms) 
- The batch can be a sample/prototype 
- The used barrel might be difficult to obtain   

Fellowship beer n°1 ... Laurelin
A classic in the Fellowship series. Once again, we picked Schaarbeekse Krieken deep in the Flemish Ardennes. The cherry gods were favorable to us. Laurelin 2021, Cuvee Sofie aged on Chateauneuf du Pape foeder, was macerated with 100% Schaarbeek cherries. It is a beer for the sour heads, we can tell you that. 
Laurelin is one of the two Telperies, Valinor's Golden Trees. It shines with its bright golden leaves and exudes majestic beauty. A symbol of light, hope and life.

Fellowship beer n°2 ... Númenor
This Moenrye Tripel, was aged for no less than 4 years in a Mendocino oak barrel. A Mendocino oak barrel is a hand-crafted wooden barrel often associated with the wine and spirits industry in Mendocino County, California. Númenor has the character of a natural wine, sweet, mildly acidic with distinct notes of wood. The beer is deliberately not or little saturated to emphasize the wine character. 
Númenor is a mythical island from the world of Middle-earth. It is home to the mighty Númenoreans, a proud and noble people. The island is beautiful, with vast forests, green meadows and majestic mountains. Despite its splendor, the greed and pride of the Númenoreans leads to the downfall of the island by a great tidal wave.

Fellowship beer n°3 ... NimLoth
A Wild West aged in Bordeaux red wine barrels. After two years of ageing in oak barrels, the beer was macerated with blueberries for 2 months. Finally, Palo Santo was added just before bottling to add some additional complexity. 
NimLoth is an imposing, majestic tree with silvery white bark and lush, green leaves that glister in the sunlight. Its branches stretch toward the sky as a tribute to the Valar, the divine beings of Middle-earth mythology. Nimloth's trunk is strong and solid, and its roots are deeply rooted in the earth, making it steadfast and stable. The leaves of Nimloth have an invigorating and healing scent, and are often used in medicine and perfume making. The tree exudes an aura of holiness and purity, and is considered a symbol of hope, life and renewal.

Fellowship beer n°4 ... Khazad Dûm
We started from a Souterrain that we brewed in November 2021. It’s a wheatwine that is slightly fresher than traditional barley wines with soft mouthfeel, our brewer Riccardo tends to describe it as a kaleidoscope of flavours. The Souterrain was aged on Scandinavian Aquavit barrels for 18 months, provided by our friend J. Dias.
Khazad-Dûm was an underground kingdom beneath the Misty Mountains. Known for being the ancient realm of the Dwarves of Durin's Folk, it was the most famed of all Dwarven realms. We basically infused a subterranean beer with what is called “water of life” & brought it to the brewery for you to taste. This bottle is the first of three Champagne bottle Fellowship releases

Fellowship beer n°5 ... A Pile Of Stone
A beloved synergy between Theo and Margaux red wine. We put our signature Imperial Saison on red wine barrels for 8 months. Afterwards, handpicked sloeplums were added for maceration for a period of 4 months, which adds a specific sourness and fruity herbal notes to the beer. 

“They sat on the lawns under the plum-trees and ate, until they had made piles of stones like small pyramids or the heaped skulls of a conqueror” (LotR 6: IX)

Fellowship beer n°6 ... Fool Of A Took
We refurbished last year’s Fellowship beer Pippin, and put our Cuvee Sofie on another series of Portuguese barrels. This time we used Moscatel Sétubal casks, which add sweet tasting notes to the mix.
We were actually fools for starting off this project so late in the end of last year and had to make it a giant sprint to finish off in time, but it’s here. For you to enjoy in a Champagne bottle. Special mention to Edelrot for the wakeup call, looking forward to throw ourselves in there next year again.

See you for another Fellowship year, we’ll make sure to make it special since we’re turning 20 years old!

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