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Fellowship of Alvinne 2023 (NEW)

Fellowship of Alvinne 2023 (NEW) Fellowship of Alvinne 2023 (NEW)

€ 120,00


We are proud to announce that in a few weeks we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of our brewery. On the 15th of August 2003, we started launched our first beers, after experimenting for a year as hobby brewers in our backyard. Real craft beer was something quite unknown back then. We started experimenting with some very standard beers in the beginning (e.g. amber, blond, dubbel, tripel beers etc), but over the years we developed a true passion for innovation and experimented with some of the most radical (sour) recipes. Today the beer landscape is entirely different versus 20 years ago. The world has experienced a craft brewery explosion and the interest in sours and barrel aged beers has developed radically. Although we are still a small volume brewery, we have managed to establish ourselves within this specific area of beer and developed a loyal customer base. The best example of this was the recognition we received as "Brewery of the Year" on the Beer Awards Digital Festival of 2021. It is thanks to you, dear Fellows, that we are where and what we are today, still as passionate as on the day we started. Your love and precious feedback is what drives us every day to get our hands on new beers and keep true to our identity. It is with great joy that we look back on the past 20 years & we think the time is right to celebrate this in a good way. For the sixth year in a row we will launch the Fellowship series & we will make sure to make it a very special one for our 20th Anniversary. The beers are still unknown, but you can count on us that every beer will be special in its own, to be released over the course of May 2024. You will then recieve a selection of 6 unique and exclusive beers in 75cl. 

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